A Yarn For All Seasons

For Spring Summer 2013 Rowan have released a brand new chunky yarn and a collection of patterns to go with it. The yarn is All Seasons Chunky, which is a sister yarn to the existing All Seasons Cotton that you might already know – the fibre blend is the same (cotton and acrylic) making it a good choice for summer due to its cool and light wear. The knitting weight is heavier in the new Chunky version, and the thicker yarn will give great stitch definition for textured or cabled patterns.

The colour selection for All Seasons Chunky is brand new and perfectly balanced for spring and summer, with cool pastels and vibrant tones of orange, red, purple and blue.

Foam 600Pebble 601Powder 602Drift 603
Shore 604Reach 605Dune 606Cove 607
Heatwave 608Jetsam 609Stoney 610Samphire 611
Flotsam 612 Whirlpool 615

There is a wonderfully summery feel to Marie Wallin’s designs in the All Seasons Chunky Collection which accompanies the new yarn, every item seems to be designed with summer evenings in mind. Imagine the sun goes down and the temperature drops a little, but it never really gets cold so you only want a cool outer layer that will keep the edge off but still let you feel the gentle summer breeze. To this end, there is a strong theme of capped or 3/4 length sleeves, lace panels and wide or low necklines.


I fell instantly in love with Aphrodite. From the front it looks like a fairly standard jumper with a bit of lace decoration on the shoulders, but then you see it from behind where it surprises you with a lovely low v-back, lace over the whole back panel and a scooped curve to the hem. It’s just the sort of thing I’d love to wear on a summer’s evening after lounging in the sunshine all day.

I can be rather clumsy (especially with chocolate!) so a white jumper would never be a good idea, but I was spoilt for choice on what I’d use instead. After much debate I finally decided to keep Pebble for the back and use Stoney for the front:
Pebble 601Stoney  610

At the moment all I’ve done is make a gauge swatch as I’m still finishing off another couple of projects, but I’m hoping to get this cast on in the next couple of weeks so watch this space for a full project post once I’ve finished.

Competition – Win a pair of hand knitted socks

Recently I posted about receiving a skein of the gorgeous new Rowan Fine Art sock yarn for review. The colourway I received is Serin (301) which is a stunning colour combination, but doesn’t really suit my personal tastes.

Fine Art Serin

I couldn’t decide what to do with the yarn initially, but I really want to knit something because it looks wonderful to work with. After some thought, here is the plan: I will knit a pair of socks using this skein and one lucky reader of my blog can win them!

There are three sock patterns in the Fine Art Collection which only require one skein, so the winner can choose which of these three designs they would like me to make for them. To enter, all you need to do is comment below with which of these designs you would like me to make for you if you win.



Pattern Details




Note: The Goose pattern offers both ankle and knee length. The ankle length version is on offer as a prize draw option, but the photo features the knee length and this is offered for illustration purposes only.

Pattern Details




Pattern Details

Please note that all three patterns are ladies UK sizes 4-7.

Entries close at midnight (UK time) on Sunday 19th May, after which the winner will be drawn at random. Good luck!

The Fine Art Of Sock Knitting

On 1st May Rowan will be launching their first ever sock yarn, Fine Art. Described as “premium hand painted sock yarn” it comes in a plentiful skein of 100g measuring in at 400m (437 yards) – that’s more than enough for a pair of ankle socks, two skeins will knit you a pair of knee socks and 3 skeins will knit you a scarf or wrap!


I’m lucky enough to have my hands on a skein already and it’s absolutely gorgeous. The shade is Serin (301) which is a luscious blend of reds and pinks, it’s very summery and makes me think of juicy strawberries and raspberries bursting with flavour.


Here’s the full set of shades which ranges from the bright summery Serin, to the rich leafy Lapwing, to the muted autumnal Chiff-Chaff, and more besides.

Serin 301Tawny 302Waxwing 303Raven 304
Kingfisher 305Lapwing 306Pheasant 307Chiff-Chaff 308


To accompany this lovely new yarn, is the Fine Art Collection which features 14 new patterns to get the most out of your Fine Art choice. As well as a great selection of sock patterns, there are also 2 scarves and 2 wraps included.



As this is their first big foray into socks, Rowan appear to have gone all out on making this your essential guide for all things sock-related by including 8 pages of techniques, hints and tips on every step of the process, including:

  • Knitting in the round on DPNs
  • Getting the first round right
  • Turning the heel
  • Measuring the foot
  • Shaping the toe
  • Grafting the toe
  • Finishing


Stay tuned later in the week as I will be offering a Fine Art giveaway prize to one lucky blog reader!

Glamour Through The Haze

One of Rowan’s new yarns for Spring Summer 2013 is Kidsilk Haze Glamour. The yarn is an offshoot of the Kidsilk Haze that we know and love, woven with a thread of shine and scattered with sequins for that extra touch of glamour. There are 8 lovely shades available, all of which complement existing Kidsilk Haze shades of the same name:
Cream 280Majestic 281Blushes 282Blood 283

Trance 284Smoke 285Heavenly 286Wicked 287


Looking for inspiration for a project to put this new yarn through its paces, I found just what I needed in Rowan Magazine 53 – the lovely Symi Wrap by Vibe Ulrik.

I love shawls and wraps for wearing with a pretty dress for a special occasion, or to keep the chill off on a summer evening, but I find that they tend to slip off my shoulders or I drop them without noticing. What appeals to me so much about Symi, quite apart from the lovely lace, is that it ties in the back so I won’t keep losing it!


Designed for traditional Kidsilk Haze and Fine Lace, I will be substituting Kidsilk Haze with its new glamorous sister. I like my accessories to be stress-free, so this fairly neutral colour combination should allow me to combine it with lots of different outfits easily: Kidsilk Haze Glamour in Smoke (285) and Fine Lace in Gunmetal (929).

Smoke 285Fine Lace 929 rgb


Be sure to check back later to see the finished item showcased in the Projects section!

Rowan Spring Summer 2013 Package

I arrived home yesterday to find a delivery card from UPS. This could mean only one thing, my first package from Rowan had arrived! I went straight onto the website and luckily was able to arrange redelivery to where I work. There was a UPS van parked outside the building where I work when I arrived this morning, but we get UPS vans quite often so I didn’t get my hopes up, but it turned out to be my package so it landed on my desk just as I walked in!

Not being able to contain my excitement, I tore into it right away! Please forgive the poor quality photos, I only had my mobile phone to take them with:

Pandora’s Box

What lies within…?


Is it sad that I even got excited about the Rowan tissue paper used to package it?



So many patterns to work with…


Pattern Sheets

Oh yeah… some more patterns!


Shade Card

Samples of all the current and new shades for the Spring Summer range and shade samples of the three new yarns, this is so cool!


You know those new yarns featured in the shade card? Yeah, I got a ball of each to use!! All Seasons Chunky, Softknit Cotton and Kidsilk Haze Glamour. I cannot wait to get these on my needles!


Seriously, opening this box was like Christmas, Birthday and more… all wrapped up into one! Of course not a single person in my office had any idea why I was so excited, but that’s OK because I know you guys will totally get it.


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