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Knits Just In

Tip – How to deal with yarns that shed

You may recall I posted recently about how much shedding I get from my Elise cardigan knitted with Cocoon. That entry received a comment this week from a reader who has the exact same problem with Cocoon and she was also interested to hear of any tips on how to deal with it. I decided to send this feedback directly to Rowan as I was sure they’d want to hear how disappointed some of their customers are with the amount of shedding caused by Cocoon. In response, I received some fantastic tips on how to deal with shedding which I’d like to share with you.

To begin with, any yarn that contains mohair is always going to shed to some degree – it’s unfortunate, but unavoidable. The shedding will get better over time as you wear and wash the garment because the yarn only contains a finite amount of loose fibres that it can shed – as some are lost, there are fewer left to be lost in future.

This is cold comfort if your garment sheds as much as I found my cardigan does, leaving you looking like you live with a dozen cats who are all losing their summer coats! In that case, here are some tips on how to reduce the number of fibres being shed at any given time:

  • Place the garment in the fridge or freezer, this should help to stabilise the loose fibres.
  • Spray with hair spray before wearing, this should help to stabilise the loose fibres while wearing.

So there you have it, a few ways to cope if your beloved new garment has a shedding problem!


I’ll definitely be trying them out on my Elise cardigan – let me know if you try them out too and how you get on.

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