Rowan Spring Summer 2013 Package

I arrived home yesterday to find a delivery card from UPS. This could mean only one thing, my first package from Rowan had arrived! I went straight onto the website and luckily was able to arrange redelivery to where I work. There was a UPS van parked outside the building where I work when I arrived this morning, but we get UPS vans quite often so I didn’t get my hopes up, but it turned out to be my package so it landed on my desk just as I walked in!

Not being able to contain my excitement, I tore into it right away! Please forgive the poor quality photos, I only had my mobile phone to take them with:

Pandora’s Box

What lies within…?


Is it sad that I even got excited about the Rowan tissue paper used to package it?



So many patterns to work with…


Pattern Sheets

Oh yeah… some more patterns!


Shade Card

Samples of all the current and new shades for the Spring Summer range and shade samples of the three new yarns, this is so cool!


You know those new yarns featured in the shade card? Yeah, I got a ball of each to use!! All Seasons Chunky, Softknit Cotton and Kidsilk Haze Glamour. I cannot wait to get these on my needles!


Seriously, opening this box was like Christmas, Birthday and more… all wrapped up into one! Of course not a single person in my office had any idea why I was so excited, but that’s OK because I know you guys will totally get it.


Rowan Ambassador!

Back in August last year, I received an email from the Rowan mailing list asking for people to apply to become Rowan Ambassadors:

Become a Rowanette (Rowanet for the boys!)

Rowan is looking for 20 Rowan ambassadors around the world to champion the luxury knitting brand. Are you passionate about Rowan? Do you want to be part of the team? Do you want to be one of the first to see and feel Rowan’s new yarns?


What is a Rowanette (Rowanet)?

  • Someone who is truly passionate about knitting with Rowan
  • Someone who is articulate and is social media savvy
  • Someone who is very creative
  • Someone who is loyal
  • Someone who has some spare time to dedicate to Rowan

If you can prove you are one of Rowan’s biggest fans, and would like to become a Rowanette (Rowanet); then let us know! We’re looking for someone who can help support the Rowan brand by reviewing yarns and publications, and participating on our Facebook page. In return for your time and creativity, you would have enhanced privileges above other Row@n members.

What Rowan can offer you:

  • A yarn pack and colour card sent to you for each season’s launch
  • Access to the Brand Manager to give your direct feedback – via specific email address
  • Invitations to online meetings and discussions
  • An invitation to visit the Rowan Mill
  • Yarn to knit your own garment
  • Early preview of collections

Anyone interested in participating was invited to send in 100 words as to why they would make a great Rowan Ambassador. I figured it was worth a shot, so I put a blurb together and sent it off.

In November I received an email thanking me for my application which was under consideration and that the Ambassadors would be chosen by the end of November. November came and went, as did December, then in mid-January I received a very exciting email:

After sifting through the thousands of applications to become a Rowan Ambassador, we are delighted to announce that you have made it to our shortlist of 30 candidates. You should be extremely proud of your application, as the standard was very high.

We have one final stage before you become a Rowan Ambassador.

As mentioned in the first email, we’re looking for someone who can support the Rowan brand by reviewing yarns and publications, and participating on our Facebook page. In return for your time and creativity, you would have enhanced privileges above other Row@n members.

In the final stage we will be assessing your social media skills. We need you to supply links to any social media you have set up such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Blogs, Instagram, Website etc.

Wow, I’d been shortlisted! And there was a 2/3 chance I’d make the cut! I got my online credentials together, as requested, and sent them off.

Another 2 months passed, by which point I’d pretty much lost hope of being chosen, when the magical reply arrived in my inbox:

We are delighted to announce that you have been selected as a Rowan Ambassador.

You are clearly passionate about Rowan, and have the social media prowess we’re looking for. We can’t wait to get you started! We plan to send you our latest season goodie pack in the next few weeks. Along with a few instructions on how to get started.

Little old me really did get chosen! I still can’t really believe it, I’m just so grateful and excited in equal parts! I can’t wait to see what goodies we get and have the chance to share the Rowan love even more than I usually do.

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