Knits Just In!

Glow-in-the-dark sheep have amazing scientific, knitting potential – Scientists in Uruguay have developed glow-in-the-dark sheep!

Lion Cub Kwanza Loves His Ball Of Yarn – A lion cub with a ball of yarn, what’s not to like?

Welcome to the icky and cuddly world of knitted anatomy! – Surprisingly cute knitted anatomy to buy.

Knitting group protests provincial disability cuts – A knitting circle in Alberta, Canada, protests government cuts for people with developmental disabilities, by knitting a blanket

How is knitting like programming? – A report on a presentation about the similarities of knitting and programming, and how one can be used to help teach the other.

Knitting bridges culture chasm – An article about the documentary Mary Meets Mohammed, which tells the story of how a local knitting group came to befriend asylum seekers in Tasmania, Australia.

The Knitting Song by Bill Oddie – “Well if I’m feeling low, I knit a row, cos a fella needs his knitting just to ease his soul” How have a I never heard this song before?!

And finally… some stunning yarn bombing on a bike rack:

Source: ishknits // instagram

Knits Just In!

Icelandic composer uses knitting pattern to write score – I love this story as I’m a maths nerd and I’ve always felt that knitting appeals to me so much because it is very maths-based. Music can be too, and here knitting and music have met in the middle!

Pardon Me (I Didn’t Knit That For You) – Another musical link this week, a country break-up song featuring knitting. I dare you to not find yourself singing this under your breath after you’ve heard it!

Portrait Of My Mother – Knitting – A very touching short feature by a Dutch filmmaker about his mother and her passion for knitting (English subtitles)

I Knit Therefore I Am – Gorgeous hand-screened tote bag for your projects

5 Super Speedy Stash Busters – Need to spring clean your stash? Here are some cute projects to help get rid of those leftovers you’re still holding on to

Knitting with Oversize Needles – Some interesting thoughts on making projects with BIG needles

Learn the Basics: 13 Knitted Dishcloth Patterns – Great pattern ideas for beginners who want a project that isn’t too overwhelming

Yarn-Lovers Mugs – Some cute and hilarious drinking mugs for yarn addicts, a great gift idea!

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