Rowan Mystery Afghan KAL – Week 2 Update

It’s week 2 of the knit-along already! The second clue can be downloaded here, remember that you need a free Rowan member account to get the download.
Week 2 - Nordic Star Pattern

Week 2’s Nordic Star pattern has only a chart, not written instructions as seen in last week’s pattern. If you’ve not worked with charts before, Dayana has posted some great advice in the week 2 discussion thread on Ravelry. Do check it out!

So, here’s what the Garter Stitch Waves square for week 1 looks like in my shades:
Week 1 - Garter Waves shades

I found that my squares came out more rectangular than actually square and a little larger than the the pattern suggested they would (20 x 20 cm). I was going to struggle to block them to anything less than 22 cm wide and I really wanted them to end up properly square, so I blocked them really hard lengthwise to get a 22 x 22 cm result.

Yesterday evening was spent blocking all 6 squares, so I’m officially all finished for week 1.
Week 1 completed squares

As I was lucky enough to get an early sneak-peek at the week 2 pattern, I have already completed two squares for this week and also blocked them last night. I found that these squares came out smaller than the week 1 squares and also had an even greater disparity between their width and height. Again I was easily able to block them to 22 cm wide but had to stretch them even more to block them to 22 cm tall, but I managed it with some significant effort. I had seriously sore fingertips after all that opening and closing of safety pins!

Here are two squares for this week so far, one in each of my shades:

Week 2 - Nordic Star shades

Update: An early draft of the week 2 pattern had fewer rows above and below the main star pattern. I mistakenly used the old pattern instead of the updated version, which is why my squares were so significantly shorter than they were wide! I will be using the correct version of the pattern for the other four squares I knit for this week.

How have your week 1 squares gone so far? Are you ready and raring to go for week 2?

Rowan Mystery Afghan KAL – First clue!

The first clue for the Rowan KAL has been published. You can get all the latest news from the Ravelry thread, or download the clue directly from Rowan’s website. Note that you will need to sign up for a free Rowan account in order to download the clue. If the download button is still missing after you’ve logged in, try refreshing the page in your browser.

I’m lucky enough to have had an early preview of the clue so I’ve already knitted some squares with it. The pattern is very simple and easy to follow, with a repeat that I was able to do from memory quite easily once I’d done it a few times. It took me about 2 hours to knit each square, and with 6 squares required using this clue you will need to put some time aside for it.

At the end of the week I’ll add some photos of my finished squares. I hope you’ll be sharing yours, too!

Week 1 - Garter Stitch Waves

Rowan Mystery Afghan KAL – Are you ready?

There’s been a minor update to the schedule for the Rowan Mystery Afghan knit along – the first clue will now be released slightly earlier than originally planned, on Thursday 17th April. All the rest of the clues will be released weekly on Monday as per the original schedule.

What shades have you chosen? Do you have your yarn yet? You can see my colourway in this earlier blog post.

With at least 300 participants signed up already, I’m really excited to see a rainbow of blanket squares starting soon!

Sign up and get all the detailsMystery Afghan KAL

Rowan Mystery Afghan KAL – My shades & the official shopping list!

Rowan’s mystery Afghan knit-along is almost here! The official shopping list has now been released, which you can download from Rowan’s website.

If you are a Ravelry user, there is a sticky thread with information here and you can also cast on a project from the pattern page here. Make sure to get involved online if you can, as sharing progress and photos with everyone else taking part in the KAL is half the fun! You can follow progress on my project page which I will try to update every week.

This is the promotional colourway that I’ve been sent by Rowan – the squares will be done in Apple (129) and Plum (122), the trim in Crimson (123).

Pure Wool Worsted Colours

You can view all the shades on Rowan’s website but, as always, the value of seeing the shades in person can’t be underestimated so do make it to your local stockist if you can. I’d love to hear what shades you’ve chosen for your project!

Rowan Mystery KAL – Afghan Pure Wool Worsted Blanket!

Despite recent overtures towards Spring in England, it is hailing sideways as I type! This means I am still feeling the chill enough to be extra excited about an upcoming knit along from Rowan. Using their new Pure Wool Worsted, Martin Storey has designed a mystery Afghan blanket project. If you haven’t seen Pure Wool Worsted yet, it’s a gorgeous superwash from Rowan which does exactly what it says on the tin – it’s 100% wool in a versatile Worsted weight. And the best part is that it’s available in FIFTY shades! Check out the expansive shade range, there’s bound to be something to suit your taste.

Pure Wool Worsted

So, the Knitalong! Rowan will be releasing the full shopping list on 14th April but here’s a little sneak preview of what you will need. The blanket will be knitted in squares with a trim around the edge. The trim requires 2 balls of yarn and the squares require 16 balls in total (3 squares per ball). Rowan will be suggesting some colourways in the shopping list, but you could get thinking for some inspiration now. How about…

  • 17 shades – 1 shade for the trim and 16 different shades for the squares
  • Duotone – 1 shade for the trim and 1 for the squares
  • Alternating squares with contrast trim – 1 shade for the trim and 2 alternating shades for the squares
  • Variations on a theme – With so many shades to choose from, you could choose a range of shades in the one colour. There are certainly enough to support a 4 shade blanket in blue, or green, or purple, or brown/earth tones.

The most important date for your diary is 21st April as that’s when the first square pattern will be released. The next patterns will follow each week following, for 8 weeks in total. The next two weeks will release the trim pattern and then instructions for making up.

Having worked with this yarn before, I can see that it will make a really snuggly Afghan blanket and, with all those shades to choose from, I’m sure this KAL will produce some stunning visual results too.

Keep an eye on Rowan’s Facebook Page for teaser details and a shopping list in the coming weeks, and stay tuned to my blog for updates and photos as I knit along!

KAL Poster

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