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I came to the conclusion a few weeks ago that my stash was starting to get a little bit out of hand, when I realised that I couldn’t really remember much of what was in there. This is a problem for me because if I can’t remember what’s in there, I have little chance of being able to plan projects with it, so I’m never going to actually work through any of it. I’m sure you have probably noticed by now that I am as much a geek as I am a knitter, so there was only one possible solution to this problem: A Spreadsheet

Yes, dear readers, I went straight to Google Drive* and drew up a brand new yarn stash spreadsheet. What information could possibly be needed in such a document? Let me tell you…

  • Brand
  • Colour/Shade
  • Weight
  • Number of balls
  • Metreage per ball
  • Total metreage (calculated automatically from the number of balls and metreage per ball, obviously)
  • Project(s) assigned to the yarn

Now I have my entire stash at my fingertips wherever I am! If I stumble across a pattern in a shop or online that I like the look of, I don’t have to go and rummage through my stash to find out if I have something that might be suitable.

The spreadsheet is sorted with yarns that are already assigned to future projects at the top, followed by yarns for which I haven’t yet chosen a project underneath. Those yarns are also sorted by metreage, highest first, allowing me to see of which yarns I have the most available for new projects.

Lastly, there is a motivating element of shame in this spreadsheet, thanks to the inclusion of a grand total metreage. I now know that I have over 8 km (5 mi) of yarn in my stash. That amount would stretch from Trent Bridge to Radcliffe-On-Trent, and that’s not as the crow flies! So, yes, I definitely need to tip my knitting:acquisition ratio a little further the other way in 2014.


*Naturally the spreadsheet must be available on my mobile devices when I’m on the go, as well as on my laptop at home.


Knits Just In!

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Cat’s Sweet Tomato Heel Socks – a Heel Tutorial – This video tutorials shows how to turn a really adorable heel, with lovely results.

June Yarn Giveaway! – Enter to win some yarn, what’s not to love?

One small, knitted step in the right direction – An insightful look at prisoner reform schemes and how teaching prisoners to knit can be a helpful tool on the path back to society.

We Need Your Knitting Support To Take Off! – A unique yarn bombing taking place in Wales. Volunteers are wanted to knit planes!

Why do knitting, crochet hook so many fans? – We all know why knitting and crochet is so fab, but this is a great summary and useful for sending to those friends who just don’t get it…

Free pattern: Alley Cat by Sue Stratford – Does just what it says on the tin: a cute free pattern for a cat!

Lord Of The Rings Scarf – One of my favourite geek knits of all time! This epic scarf features the Tree of Gondor motif and the entire Fellowship in silhouette, done with double knitting so the pattern is visible on both sides. Amazeballs!

Knits Just In

Knitting with your brainwaves!

This is my favourite knitting news story of all time. I was going to include it in last week’s Knits Just In, but I had so much to say on it that I decided it deserved its very own blog post!

NeuroKnitting brings together technology, science, music and knitting in an inspired project that I find hugely exciting and inspiring. An EEG headset is used to measure the brain activity of someone whilst they listen to music. The recorded brain patterns are processed by a computer and converted into a knitting pattern, which is fed into a knitting machine that produces a scarf of the brain activity pattern.

This is possibly the most personalised knitted garment ever, amazing!

This project would be even cooler if they could print me the pattern instead. I would then knit the scarf by hand whilst listening to the same music, which I think has a lovely symmetry to it.

Read all about the project  and watch a video of it in action on Knitic’s website, the manufacturer of the knitting machine used in the project.


If you had the opportunity to take a turn with this machine, what music would you choose to generate your scarf with?

Knits Just In!

Bank Holiday beachgoers enjoy latest creation from the guerilla knitters – Some absolutely fabulous yarn bombing in the North East of England.

How Knitters are Human Computers – Another interesting look at how knitting is like programming and knitters are like computers.

How to Arm Knit – The Fastest Way to Knit a Chunky Scarf! – How to knit a scarf with no needles, just your arms!

At 100 years young, Elizabeth is still knitting strong – Wow, I hope I’m still going strong and knitting when I’m 100…

UK Hand Knitting Association: Knitted Textile Awards 2013 – Enter your knitting or crochet into the UK Hand Knitting Association’s Knitted Textile Awards!

Becoming a Knitting Pattern Author: A Teenager’s Story – The inspiring story of how a teenager became a knitting and crochet designer.

Knitters putting end to suffering – Australian knitters are helping keep vulnerable children warm this winter with knitted garments. They are taking yarn donations too!

And finally… Why not, indeed?!

Source: loopymango // instagram

Knits Just In!

Epic 32 square-foot Etch-a-Sketch! – Well this is exactly what it says on the tin, a huge Etch-a-Sketch made from yarn. Nifty!

Yarn Ball Wall Garland Tutorial – Check out this tutorial on how to make a funky yarn ball wall display

The Last Knit – An adorable knitting animation from Finnish animation studio Anima Vitae

Play Nice! – A very interesting article on the modern rivalry between knitters and crocheters

Knit Your Own Zombie – If you’re a geek as well as a knitter, I’m sure this book will appeal to you. Knit your own zombies? AWESOME.

The Knitting Machine – Artist Dave Cole used huge aluminium poles and industrial digging machines to knit a giant USA flag.

Madison Square Park Gets a Knitted Makeover – A wonderful knitted installation has been unveiled in Manhattan, it will remain open in the square until September.

And finally… I’ve reposted this on Twitter before, but it’s worth seeing again. Cake is one of my other great passions in life, so this knitting cake is pretty much the most amazing thing ever.


Source: asoratti // instagram

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