Knits Just In!

Fabric of Britain – Episode 1: Knitting’s Golden Age – If you missed it on Wednesday night, the first episode of Fabric of Britain is about knitting. It’s available on the iPlayer for 2 weeks from the original airdate, so catch up if you missed it!

Artists Across United States Knit for Foster Students – What a sweet idea, knitters send care packages to students who have experienced foster care in their young lives.

Fiber, Friends & Fun Yarn Crawl 2013 – In early October, a yarn crawl is being organised in Connecticut, USA. Visit the best yarn stores that the area has to offer and meet knitters too.

Lessons Learned From Crafting – This is the first in a new series of adorable animated videos illustrating things that crafters have learned through their hobby

“Despicable Me” Minion Hat – Free pattern to make a super-cute hat like the minions from Despicable Me. Love it!

Arkansas Arts Center yarn bombed – You’ve probably guessed by now that I love yarn bombs, and the more audacious the better. This one is definitely up there!

Entrelac Socks – These may be the most gorgeous handknit socks I’ve ever seen!

Knits Just In

Knits Just In!

The Big Knit Raffle for Guide Dogs – Enter an online raffle to win a hand knit blanket, all funds to go the Guide Dogs charity

Meow Foundation Yarn Collection – Yarn colourways inspired by cats and proceeds from which will help fund The Meow Foundation who help stray and abandoned cats. What’s not to like?!

Humongous Knitting Needles – Wow, for those really imposing projects you can buy size 50 needles!

In defence of seams: 5 reasons to knit sweaters in pieces – Some interesting arguments in favour of not knitting in the round. I’m still not sure that I’m convinced… what do you think?

How to buy yarn: 5 tips – Some excellent tips if you need to buy yarn other than the one recommended by the pattern you want to use. I especially love this article because it emphasises the inestimable importance of a good local yarn store!

“Charmed Knits Knitting Projects” Reviewed By and For Fans of Harry Potter – If, like me, you are a huge Harry Potter fan as well as a knitting addict, then I’m sure you left most of the movies gushing over the knitwear. Check out this book for some Potter-style projects you can make for yourself and your loved ones.

Knits Just In

Knits Just In!

18 Important Life Lessons To Learn From Knitting – I’m sure all of you can identify with at least a few of these! #2 is definitely my favourite.

How to use a life line in knitting – This technique has saved me headaches and tears in the past, it’s a real life-saver. If the next part of your project looks complicated and fills you with dread, stick a life line in there

Medical students knit one, purl one – More than 50 students at the University of Otago, New Zealand, have knitted booties, hats and jackets to donate to the neonatal unit, some of them learning to knit so they could get involved. Wonderful!

Nike Unveils Knitted Shoes That Makes You Feel Like You Are Running In Socks – Even Nike have caught the knitting bug! I wonder how comfortable these are? They look pretty cool!

Wool And The Gang Raises $2.8M Seed Round To Rethink Fashion Production Via Knitting – Wool and the Gang are starting a knitting revolution, allowing customers to buy knitting kits and then sell the finished garments back to the website. Interesting concept, I’ll be interested to see if it takes off!

‘Yarn-bomber’ made a sweater for this statue of Mister Rogers – We never had Mister Rogers in the UK, but if you are active on the Internet then you are bound to meet a lot of US and Canadian folks who loved Mister Rogers, so even I know what he was all about. What a lovely yarn bombing!

Luljeta Zenka “These Torturous Knitting Lessons That I Survived” – Luljeta performs a piece about bonding with her grandmother over knitting lessons as a young girl.

Knits Just In

Knits Just In!

Bank Holiday beachgoers enjoy latest creation from the guerilla knitters – Some absolutely fabulous yarn bombing in the North East of England.

How Knitters are Human Computers – Another interesting look at how knitting is like programming and knitters are like computers.

How to Arm Knit – The Fastest Way to Knit a Chunky Scarf! – How to knit a scarf with no needles, just your arms!

At 100 years young, Elizabeth is still knitting strong – Wow, I hope I’m still going strong and knitting when I’m 100…

UK Hand Knitting Association: Knitted Textile Awards 2013 – Enter your knitting or crochet into the UK Hand Knitting Association’s Knitted Textile Awards!

Becoming a Knitting Pattern Author: A Teenager’s Story – The inspiring story of how a teenager became a knitting and crochet designer.

Knitters putting end to suffering – Australian knitters are helping keep vulnerable children warm this winter with knitted garments. They are taking yarn donations too!

And finally… Why not, indeed?!

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Knits Just In!

Why Having A Knitted Boyfriend Is Better Than An Actual Boyfriend – A Dutch artist has knitted herself a life-size boyfriend. I’m not sure he’d be any help with lifting heavy things, but at least he wouldn’t leave dirty socks on the floor!

Knitting’s classroom comeback – A school in Kent has found that teaching children to knit has many varied benefits. Lets hope it catches on elsewhere!

The Knitting Circle – The Pegasus Theatre in Oxford presents The Knitting Circle 2nd-3rd May:

The Knitting Circle is a funny, emotionally challenging new play by Julie McNamara, offering a chilling glimpse into the secret world of the asylums closed in the 1980’s.

WEBS donates 5% of sales to The One Fund Boston – From Monday April 22nd to Saturday April 27th, WEBS will donate 5% of their sales to the The One Fund Boston who are supporting those families most affected by the Boston Marathon bombings

Knitting Project For Troops – A short video about a knitting circle that makes and donates afghans to American armed service personnel serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Knit Your Own Royal Baby – For all the British Royal Family enthusiasts out there, knit your own royal baby in advance of the new arrival later this year.

Knitters Anonymous – Do your colleagues know you knit? By Eline blogs about combining a professional career with a love of knitting.

Top 5 cowls for 2013 – Some lovely inspiration if you’re looking to knit or crochet a cowl this year

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