Knits Just In!

Epic 32 square-foot Etch-a-Sketch! – Well this is exactly what it says on the tin, a huge Etch-a-Sketch made from yarn. Nifty!

Yarn Ball Wall Garland Tutorial – Check out this tutorial on how to make a funky yarn ball wall display

The Last Knit – An adorable knitting animation from Finnish animation studio Anima Vitae

Play Nice! – A very interesting article on the modern rivalry between knitters and crocheters

Knit Your Own Zombie – If you’re a geek as well as a knitter, I’m sure this book will appeal to you. Knit your own zombies? AWESOME.

The Knitting Machine – Artist Dave Cole used huge aluminium poles and industrial digging machines to knit a giant USA flag.

Madison Square Park Gets a Knitted Makeover – A wonderful knitted installation has been unveiled in Manhattan, it will remain open in the square until September.

And finally… I’ve reposted this on Twitter before, but it’s worth seeing again. Cake is one of my other great passions in life, so this knitting cake is pretty much the most amazing thing ever.


Source: asoratti // instagram

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