Knits Just In!

The Big Knit Raffle for Guide Dogs – Enter an online raffle to win a hand knit blanket, all funds to go the Guide Dogs charity

Meow Foundation Yarn Collection – Yarn colourways inspired by cats and proceeds from which will help fund The Meow Foundation who help stray and abandoned cats. What’s not to like?!

Humongous Knitting Needles – Wow, for those really imposing projects you can buy size 50 needles!

In defence of seams: 5 reasons to knit sweaters in pieces – Some interesting arguments in favour of not knitting in the round. I’m still not sure that I’m convinced… what do you think?

How to buy yarn: 5 tips – Some excellent tips if you need to buy yarn other than the one recommended by the pattern you want to use. I especially love this article because it emphasises the inestimable importance of a good local yarn store!

“Charmed Knits Knitting Projects” Reviewed By and For Fans of Harry Potter – If, like me, you are a huge Harry Potter fan as well as a knitting addict, then I’m sure you left most of the movies gushing over the knitwear. Check out this book for some Potter-style projects you can make for yourself and your loved ones.

Knits Just In

Knits Just In!

Why knitting and yoga are perfect bedfellows – An interesting look at how yoga and knitting complement each other.

Knitting Stories – An adorable animation about what happens when a knitter is out of wool.

Craftbomb: the power of the pom pom – Another interesting look at the rise of yarn bombing

The secret asylum knitting club – A review of the powerful play The Knitting Circle which examines the lives of women who lived in the old British mental health asylums

Knitbot Linen is here! – Knitbot have released a brand new book of patterns for linen yarns

Portsmouth’s maritime history knitted in wool – A fantastic art installation celebrating the ocean blue in Portsmouth, UK

Ode to Rowan Kidsilk Aura — The Sofia Wrap – Dayana showcases her unbelievably stunning Sofa wrap

And finally… Possibly the most hipster project I’ve seen in a while: a granny square of the Instagram icon!

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Knits Just In!

How A Boob Is Made – Watch this adorable video for the Knit-a-boob event, which combines learning to knit with Breast Cancer Awareness in Brooklyn, NY.

Knitting Stereotype Unravelled – Encouraging kiwi men to take up knitting with a six-week course called “Man Made: a league of knitting gentlemen”

Skyway Sweater Pattern – Follow this step-by-step guide from The Yorkshire Times to knit the gorgeous Skyway sweater.

Seattle knitters weave steampunk, needlecraft into book – A Seattle knitting group have combined their love of knitting and steampunk to create a book that is part patterns and part adventure novel!

Buns in the oven, bodies in space – A London research group reports on a recent seminar about knitting, women, and the body.

Start with the Sleeves – An interesting take on why you might want to knit your sleeves first, even if the pattern says to knit them last.

The Knitted Home – A review of a book full of gorgeous designs for your home

Cold? Ten Reasons to Mug A Sheep Today – All about why wool is great and buying local wool is best (especially if you’re British!)

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