Knits Just In!

Why Having A Knitted Boyfriend Is Better Than An Actual Boyfriend – A Dutch artist has knitted herself a life-size boyfriend. I’m not sure he’d be any help with lifting heavy things, but at least he wouldn’t leave dirty socks on the floor!

Knitting’s classroom comeback – A school in Kent has found that teaching children to knit has many varied benefits. Lets hope it catches on elsewhere!

The Knitting Circle – The Pegasus Theatre in Oxford presents The Knitting Circle 2nd-3rd May:

The Knitting Circle is a funny, emotionally challenging new play by Julie McNamara, offering a chilling glimpse into the secret world of the asylums closed in the 1980’s.

WEBS donates 5% of sales to The One Fund Boston – From Monday April 22nd to Saturday April 27th, WEBS will donate 5% of their sales to the The One Fund Boston who are supporting those families most affected by the Boston Marathon bombings

Knitting Project For Troops – A short video about a knitting circle that makes and donates afghans to American armed service personnel serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Knit Your Own Royal Baby – For all the British Royal Family enthusiasts out there, knit your own royal baby in advance of the new arrival later this year.

Knitters Anonymous – Do your colleagues know you knit? By Eline blogs about combining a professional career with a love of knitting.

Top 5 cowls for 2013 – Some lovely inspiration if you’re looking to knit or crochet a cowl this year

Knits Just In!

How A Boob Is Made – Watch this adorable video for the Knit-a-boob event, which combines learning to knit with Breast Cancer Awareness in Brooklyn, NY.

Knitting Stereotype Unravelled – Encouraging kiwi men to take up knitting with a six-week course called “Man Made: a league of knitting gentlemen”

Skyway Sweater Pattern – Follow this step-by-step guide from The Yorkshire Times to knit the gorgeous Skyway sweater.

Seattle knitters weave steampunk, needlecraft into book – A Seattle knitting group have combined their love of knitting and steampunk to create a book that is part patterns and part adventure novel!

Buns in the oven, bodies in space – A London research group reports on a recent seminar about knitting, women, and the body.

Start with the Sleeves – An interesting take on why you might want to knit your sleeves first, even if the pattern says to knit them last.

The Knitted Home – A review of a book full of gorgeous designs for your home

Cold? Ten Reasons to Mug A Sheep Today – All about why wool is great and buying local wool is best (especially if you’re British!)

Knits Just In!

Knitting For Your Health – Did you know knitting is good for your health? Now you have even more reason to explain to non-yarn folk about why knitting is so cool.

Top 5 Stretches For Knitting Pain And Stiffness – Just in case you do get the occasional side-effect, here are some stretches to help keep your fingers nimble.

Kate Middleton takes up knitting – The first lady of the British royal family has said that she’s taken up knitting since becoming pregnant. I for one cannot wait to see the newest member of the royal family in an adorable sweater knitted by Mum!

Adorable yarn tattoo – How cute is this?!

Bridge For Blankets – A kickstarter art project in Portland, Oregon, aiming to hang knitting blankets from the Broadway Bridge. Neat!

Top Apps For Knitting – If, like me, you are a smartphone addict, then check out these knitting app recommendations

Learn Something New: Vertical Stranding – To quote from the article “It’s a really cool technique that allows the pattern stitches to be worked without carrying the contrasting colors across the back of the entire work.” Very clever!

A Colourful Explosion – A review of the Kaffe Fassett exhibition at The Fashion & Textile Museum

Knits Just In!

Icelandic composer uses knitting pattern to write score – I love this story as I’m a maths nerd and I’ve always felt that knitting appeals to me so much because it is very maths-based. Music can be too, and here knitting and music have met in the middle!

Pardon Me (I Didn’t Knit That For You) – Another musical link this week, a country break-up song featuring knitting. I dare you to not find yourself singing this under your breath after you’ve heard it!

Portrait Of My Mother – Knitting – A very touching short feature by a Dutch filmmaker about his mother and her passion for knitting (English subtitles)

I Knit Therefore I Am – Gorgeous hand-screened tote bag for your projects

5 Super Speedy Stash Busters – Need to spring clean your stash? Here are some cute projects to help get rid of those leftovers you’re still holding on to

Knitting with Oversize Needles – Some interesting thoughts on making projects with BIG needles

Learn the Basics: 13 Knitted Dishcloth Patterns – Great pattern ideas for beginners who want a project that isn’t too overwhelming

Yarn-Lovers Mugs – Some cute and hilarious drinking mugs for yarn addicts, a great gift idea!

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