Rowan’s Kaffe Fassett Mystery KAL – Clue 5

Can you believe we’re half way now? Time for clue 5!

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Knit Along Week 5

Updated cheat sheet chart for this week:
Clue 5 Chart

As always, if you are making one of the other colourways then Anja has Clue 5 charts for all three over on her blog.

And if you’re just catching up with the KAL, you can check out these posts for my previous clue charts:
Clue 4
Clue 3
Clue 2
Clue 1

There is a very exciting extra from Rowan this week – a video from Kate and Kaffe all about how the squares fit together to make the final colourway designs. Spoiler alert though, the video shows all the squares so if you want to keep the surprise as the rest of the KAL goes on then don’t watch!

This week’s clue is quite similar to clue 1, with Chestnut instead of Black, Rosy moved to the other end and Hazel instead of Raspberry. This is the first clue I’m not too excited about, I really like the combination of Chestnut and Rosy but otherwise the colour choices didn’t inspire me as much as some of the previous clues.

Clue 5 Blocking

With all the squares from clues 1 to 4 now complete, I’ve started to notice that some of the colour combinations are being repeated in alternate order as we go through. For example the cast-on corners of clues 3 and 4 have the same colours but in the opposite order, so if you position them together you’ll see that the colours repeat alternately where the first stripe on clue 3 is Gold but on clue 4 it’s Hazel. Similarly the cast-off corners of clues 2 and 4 use Seville and Chestnut, again repeating in the opposite order in each square.

Clue 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 Squares

When you’ve completed half of your required squares for clue 5, you’ll be exactly half way through knitting all the squares. How are you feeling about the KAL at this half-way point?

Rowan’s Kaffe Fassett Mystery KAL – Clue 4

It’s that time again – clue 4 of the Kaffe KAL is here!

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Knit Along Clue 4

Updated cheat sheet chart for this week:
Clue 4 Chart

As always, if you are making one of the other colourways then Anja has Clue 4 charts for all three over on her blog.

And if you’re just catching up with the KAL, you can check out these posts for my previous clue charts:
Clue 3
Clue 2

Clue 1

There are no new colours introduced in this week’s brown colourway square, just a different arrangements of colours we’ve already used. In fact there is only one shade left we haven’t used yet, which is Damson. I was a little disappointed that it’s not featured this week as it’s so lovely and I can’t wait to use it! On the other hand, I was really pleased to see Seville used so prominently. That colour is so juicy that I almost expect it to smell of oranges!

Clue 4 Blocking

Here are all my squares from clues 1-3 so far, you can really start to get an idea of how all the different squares will look when combined together in the final cushion.

Clue 1 & 2 & 3 Squares What did you think of clue 4 for your colourway? Are you keeping up with the schedule so far?

Please share some photos, I’d love to see how your KAL is coming along!


Rowan’s Kaffe Fassett Mystery KAL – Clue 3

I don’t know about you, but I had my Clue 2 squares finished and blocked pretty early, so I’ve been excitedly awaiting the next clue, and now it’s here! You can download the new pattern from Rowan’s website as per usual.

Download Clue 3
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Knit Along Week 3

Again this week I’ve updated my cheat sheet chart, you can download it here:
Clue 3 Chart
(UPDATE: The above link was mistakenly going to the Clue 2 chart, I’ve fixed it now so please try again if you were getting the wrong one. Many thanks to Trudy from Ravelry for letting me know!)

If you are making one of the other colourways, Anja has posted Clue 3 charts for all three over on her blog.

And if you’re just catching up with the KAL, you can check out these posts for the previous clue charts:
Clue 2
Clue 1

When I first downloaded the pattern for Clue 3, I really liked the thought of the Gold and Hazel shades together. Having finished one square for Clue 3 now, what I actually love is the Gold with the Raspberry. It really makes me think of Fruit Salad sweeties which I used to love when I was little! What do you think?

Clue 3 BlockingFruit Salad Sweets

This week I’ve also had time to properly photograph my Clue 1 and 2 squares together. Starting to look good! Unfortunately the lighting didn’t quite manage to bring out the Chestnut in the Clue 2 squares so it looks quite similar to the Black in the Clue 1 squares, but in person it’s a much better contrast.

Clue 1 & 2 Squares Complete

It’s so exciting to start getting more colourways together! How are your squares coming along? Do you like the colour combinations so far?

Rowan’s Kaffe Fassett Mystery KAL – Clue 2

The second clue for the Kaffe Fassett Mystery KAL is here already, that went quickly!  Here are all the details you need:

Download Clue 2

Ravelry Thread for chat and support

Full KAL details & download links

Tip Sheet – if you’re just catching up, this explains the differences between the two increase types.


The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed that Clue 2 is the same as Clue 1 except with different shades, so you don’t need to learn anything new this week! I’ve adjusted my chart for the Clue 2 shades in the brown colourway, download it here.

Anja has made charts for the other colourways again, check out her Clue 2 blog post for those.

I’ve finished my two squares for Clue 1 but haven’t taken any good photographs of them yet, hopefully I’ll have time for that next week. I’ve only just started a Clue 2 square, but I’m loving this shade combination already. The grey and purple look great together and the brown is so warm, but what I can’t wait for is to start working that delicious orange!

Kaffe KAL Clue 2 Square

How are your squares coming on? What do you think of your Clue 2 shade combination?

Rowan’s Kaffe Fassett Mystery KAL – Clue 1

The first clue for the Kaffe Fassett KAL was released today, hurrah! All the details of the KAL will be released on Rowan’s website and collected together on this central page:

As a reminder if you don’t already have your yarn on order, the shopping list is available here with the four colourways to choose from.

Clue 1 can be downloaded here. You’ll need to be logged in to download it, a Rowan account is free to register for if you don’t already have one. Once you’ve logged in, you may need to refresh the page to get the download button to appear.

Lastly there is a Ravelry thread for Clue 1 if you need more help or want to see what everyone else is up to.

Kaffe Fasset KAL Week 1

Rowan have provided two different versions of the square – one can be knit using the M1 increase method and the other with the method of knitting twice into the same stitch to increase. You get a slightly different appearance to the edge on the increase side of the square with each method, but the resulting square is the same size and has the same stripes so it’s really down to personal preference as to which you choose. There is Tip Sheet available that shows the different method results, which is worth a  read.

The Tip Sheet also discusses carrying your yarn between stripes in order to reduce the number of ends you have to sew in, which I had already decided to do. It makes a huge difference and leaves you with only 8 ends in total, instead of potentially 50 ends! If you’ve never done this before don’t worry, it’s really easy! I used the video tutorial below which shows how the technique works. I carried my alternate stripe yarn through the whole square, only cutting off and sewing in an end when a colour ended for the final time and wasn’t going to be reused at all in the rest of the square.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am using the brown colourway and making the small square cushion as I don’t have the time for a larger project at the moment, but you can also choose from an Afghan or a large bolster cushion if you have the time on your hands.

Brown Colourway

After weighing up the two increase methods, I decided to use the M1 method as I like the symmetrical result it produces between the edges in the increase and the decrease sides of the square. I found the pattern very easy to master, as the increase and decrease rows are all the same after the first couple of set up rows. What I found a bit tricky was that there isn’t a consistent repeat of increase/decrease and even rows, so I had to always check which kind of row I was supposed to be working. With the wordy layout of the written pattern, this was a bit of a chore especially if I was trying to knit whilst watching TV.

To make this easier for me to manage, I made a spreadsheet which indicates which yarn colour I should be using on each row and whether it’s an increase row, a decrease row or an even knit/purl row. Output as a PDF and saved on my phone, this has become an invaluable aid to getting the squares done easily. If you would find it useful too, you can download a copy here. If you are using any of the other colourways, the colours I’ve used to indicate the 4 yarn shades won’t match your yarns but if you can convert in your head to match the shades that you are using, you can follow the PDF just as it is.

Update: My friend Anja has converted my chart for the Turquoise colourway. If that’s the one you’re making, check out her blog post.

Update 2: Anja now has charts for all 3 of the other colourways so click through to her blog above if you’d like a chart and you aren’t making the brown.

As I’m knitting the small cushion, I only need to make 2 squares for each clue and mine are already done! The pattern is a pleasure to work, nicely systematic and symmetrical. The diagonal stripes are really striking and I already can’t wait to see how it’s going to look when it’s all made up!

Here’s my first square all pinned out and blocking. I just snapped this on my mobile phone as I was in a rush at the time, so apologies for the poor quality of the photo. I’ll share some better ones when I have good daylight and my proper camera to hand.

Clue 1 Square Blocking

Have you joined the KAL? Which colourway and project size have you chosen? I’d love to hear your experience so far!

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