Martin Storey KAL: Square 8 Slip Stitch Check

Eek, the last square is here already. That went fast! You can download the pattern here. This week sees a final return for the slip stitch colourwork technique, this time to create a neat check pattern. A friend saw me knitting it and said that it looks like little windows and doors, I think she’s right!

As I suspected, Umber features this time round along with the return of one of my favourite shades from this colourway, Mole. They look great together, don’t you think?

Square 8 - Slip Stitch Check

Sadly I didn’t get on well with this pattern when I first tried it, probably¬†because it’s quite tricky to know when to slip stitches and following a written pattern for something a bit unusual like this is a royal pain in the backside. After struggling with a couple of repeats, I decided to chart it to see if it would help. It definitely did! A visual chart to follow turned this square from misery to a doddle for me. If you’re also struggling to follow the written steps, you can download my chart here. The colours I used to differentiate between yarn A and B match the Calm colourway so won’t match exactly if you’re knitting a different one, but will still match¬†to the darker and lighter shade from any of the other standard colourways.

I caught up on a bit of blocking last night, but I’m still running behind overall. At the moment I’ve knitted all squares for 4 of the clues, but between the remaining clues I still have 17 squares to do! I’m certainly not as far behind as I was with the last Martin Storey KAL, but at this rate it doesn’t look likely that I’ll be finished on schedule. Oh well, there’s plenty of time for sewing up and knitting the border before autumn I suppose!

Square 8 blocking

How are you getting on now the end is in sight?

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