Martin Storey KAL: Squares 4 – 7 big catch up!

Despite my best intentions, I’ve struggled to find the time for photography and blogging whilst keeping up with knitting and blocking on schedule. I’ve finally got a quiet weekend, I’m past a very busy period at work and I’m almost over the cold that I’ve had for the last week. So here we go!

Square 4 Lace Tree

Square 4 - Lace Tree

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The tree theme continues from the previous square, but this time it’s lace instead of using knit and purl to make a texture. Also the first lace of the KAL! I didn’t like this clue as much as all the previous ones, I thought the motif was a bit small inside the square leaving a lot of blank space and for me it’s just not as pretty as the tree from square 3. I found this square harder to knit from memory as well, the pattern repeat didn’t seem as symmetrical or easy to remember as the previous ones.

Squares 1-4

At this stage the blanket is looking very grey-heavy, but I know there are other shades waiting in my project bag so I had faith that this would balance out as we got further through.


Square 5 Moss Spots

Square 5 - Moss Spots

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The common theme of garter stitch border, stocking stitch panel and a textured motif continues in square 5. Sadly I didn’t find the moss spots motif very inspiring, but it was super-easy to knit from memory so I got through all the squares for this clue pretty quickly.

Squares 1-5

I’m not a huge fan of this yarn shade either (Almond), it actually looks a bit nicer in the photo than it does in reality. It’s hard to explain why I’m not keen on it, the shade is just a bit dull I suppose. On the other hand, it does help break up the greys nicely!


Square 6 Slip Stitch Tweed

Square 6 - Slip Stitch Tweed

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The clever slip stitch colourwork from square 2 returns in a slightly different format in square 6 and the Almond shade makes a return as well, alongside Cocoa Bean. I really like the tweed-style effect that is produced with this pattern, it’s very homely. Changing colour every 2 rows made progress on this square probably the slowest of the lot so far, but the effect is worth it. I was pleasantly surprised at how flat this square comes out, up until now all the other squares have curled really badly and needed blocking quite heavily to get them flat. On the downside, and I don’t know if this was just my gauge, but this square came out very rectangular. Mine were much wider than they were tall so despite being very flat they still needed a good blocking to correct the dimensions.

Squares 1-6

At first I wasn’t convinced about Cocoa Bean for this square, but now I’ve seen it knitted up and together with the other squares, I actually really like it.


Square 7 Lace Heart

Square 7 - Lace Heart

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Lace makes a comeback for this slightly unusual square. It starts much the same as all the others with a garter stitch border but instead of a stocking stitch main panel with purl stitches used for texture, this square has a reverse stocking stitch panel with knit stitches used to make the motif texture! I’ve never knitted reverse stocking stitch before and it was really off-putting, I had to concentrate really hard to ensure I was working on the right or wrong side as required. The increases and decreases were used to very clever effect around the edges to make the heart stand out from the reverse stocking stitch panel. Despite how much I enjoyed the reverse stocking stitch effect and the construction of the heart motif, I felt that the proportions of the heart shape were a bit off and it doesn’t feel like it’s central in the square either. So a bit of a love-hate thing with this square!

Squares 1-7

This is a new shade (Oats) and definitely one of my favourite shades in the colourway so far, along with Moonstone which I already loved from the Kaffe Fassett KAL and Mole from square 3 of this KAL which is still a firm favourite. There’s also a nice balance now between the greys and the naturals. Considering how much Umber was in the shopping list, I’m guessing it will feature heavily in the final clue next month. As Umber is a sort of brown-meets-grey shade, it should help tie all the greys and naturals together quite nicely.

Phew, so that’s me up to date! I’ve only just started on square 7 so I’ve got plenty left to do and in fact I’m behind on square 6 as well so there’s lots to do in the next few weeks…


  • Adele Geras

    25 April 2016 at 13:42 Reply

    I didn’t like the 7th Lace Heart square at all, so frogged mine and redid using the Beaded Heart pattern but filling in the heart with PURL STITCHES…no beads in sight. It’ looks great and is a very easy knit. I love these calm colours…I’m doing this colour way too!

    • Sarah

      25 April 2016 at 13:44 Reply

      What a nice idea! I’m glad you found an alternative that you’re happy with 🙂 I really love this colourway as a whole, it’s going to look great in my living room.

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