Martin Storey KAL square 3 – Textured Tree

They say that three is the magic number and with Rowan’s Martin Storey KAL I’m convinced! Clue 3 has arrived and you can download it here. On a similar vein to clue 1, the new clue has a garter stitch border around a stocking stitch panel with a simple but effective textured pattern using just purls and knits. This time it’s a stylised tree and I think it looks really great, the stitch definition in Pure Wool Worsted is excellent so the tree stands out very nicely. The shade for this clue is new to me, in the Calm colourway it is Mole which is a lovely, soft, grey-brown colour. This is definitely my favourite square so far!

Again there’s a very clear chart this week which has made knitting these a doddle so far. I’ve finished two but only one was blocked in time for me to photograph it. Looking good against clues 1 and 2, don’t you think?

Square 3 - Textured Tree

I did a lot of blocking last weekend so I’m just about up to speed so far, only a couple of squares currently not blocked. Pretty good, I hope I can keep that up and not get swamped under tons of unblocked squares! How is you progress coming along?

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