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Despite all the current excitement being about the Kaffe Fassett KAL, I still have the Martin Storey Afghan KAL plodding along in my knitting queue. A whole bunch of life drama and regular commitments meant that it was completely impossible for me to keep up with the demanding schedule of 6 squares per week and so I very quickly fell behind. I’m pleased to say that in the last couple of months I’ve made some fantastic progress and a couple of weeks ago I finally finished all my squares. Don’t they look great?

Squares All Knitted

In this photo there are slightly more than half the squares blocked and ready for sewing together. It just goes to show much flatter they are once blocked, because the unblocked pile is much taller even though it has fewer squares in it!

Week 8 Ripple Cable

Pattern Download

Week 8 Ripple Cable

This is the final square clue for the KAL and the only one I haven’t posted about before. I knitted some of the other squares in a funny order due to the time constraints I had, often leaving more complicated clues after just one or two squares to finish an easier clue from further along in the sequence. The Week 8 squares I left until the very end, when everything else was done.

On opening the chart, I was convinced that it was going to be a nightmare to knit as it looked so complicated and fiddly. In actual fact it turned out to be quite a simple and regular repeat that I was able to do from memory after just a few times so I managed to rattle off all six squares for this clue with no trouble at all! This really helped me with getting past the main stage and towards the final hurdle.

I love cables and lace so, despite being a latecomer, I think this has become my favourite square of the whole blanket!

Week 9 Cable Trim

Pattern Download

Week 9 Cable Trim

This meant that it was finally time to cast on the cable edge, which I did excitedly just as soon as the squares were all knitted up.

Since then I’ve knitted about 40% of the edging. It needs to be very long but as it’s narrow it knits up pretty quickly. I want to block a small section soon to check how much longer it gets when blocked so that I can be sure how much I’ll need to go all around the edge of my squares. The pattern suggests about 550cm for the edging but my squares have all come out at 22cm rather than the 20cm recommended in the pattern, so I might need more. Plus the edging is curling really badly due to the cables, so I’d rather get it blocked nice and flat and even before I need to sew it on.

So there we go, the end is definitely in sight!

Cable Edge Started


  • Judy

    29 October 2014 at 15:25 Reply

    It looks great Sarah! I’m about to embark on mine, soon as I’ve finished my present project. Which colour are you using for the cable trim?it’s lovely…

    • Sarah

      29 October 2014 at 15:41 Reply

      Thanks! I’m much happier now that the end is within reach.

      The trim is in Crimson. The photo there didn’t really do it justice, I struggled to get good exposure and white balance for it with my little point & shoot camera. It is a gorgeous shade!

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