Unfazed By Tweed

One of my favourite new yarns for this autumn/winter season is Rowan’s Fazed Tweed.

Fazed Tweed

Everything about this yarn screams autumn, which is my favourite time of year to knit for. The yarn is a wool and alpaca blend with an unusual construction of a central fuzzy tube surrounded by a netting which gives the tube some definition. You can really understand the yarn better if you deconstruct a piece of it, which Cindi did in her blog last month:

Fazed Tweed Deconstructed

The construction also means that the yarn is lightweight whilst still being really warm, so it’s great for those autumn days before the hard cold of winter sets in.

This delightful new yarn is available in 10 delicious shades:

001 Maple002 Larch003 Sycamore004 Yew006 Bay007 Holly008 Elm009 Oak010 Ebony011 Elderberry

The Fazed Tweed Collection which accompanies this yarn is absolutely stunning. Here are a few of my highlights…



Being quite a fuzzy yarn, I wouldn’t have expected it to provide good stitch definition. How wrong was I! Look at those gorgeous cables.



With the colder weather drawing in now, who can resist a snuggly cardigan like this?



I love the cables on this snood, another great example of the texture and definition that you can achieve with this yarn.

Orla & Mona

Orla Mona

I’ve featured these two patterns together because they are my favourites and for the same reason – absolute simplicity and beautiful lines. This yarn is able to hold a really fantastic line which gives designs such as these an unmistakably classic appeal. There’s nothing special or flashy about Orla, for example, if I tried to explain it to someone who hadn’t seen it then I don’t really know how I’d explain its appeal, but I just adore it. And every time I show either of those pictures to any of my knitter friends they all go “Ooo!”, which is the best review you can get in my opinion!

Watch this space for a post coming soon on a small project I’ve done from this collection.


  • Amanda

    29 September 2014 at 13:58 Reply

    Right, I am taking knitting classes at my yarn store this winter! I MUST learn how to make these!

    • Sarah

      29 September 2014 at 14:39 Reply

      I’m sure you could make most of the ones I featured without any problem! Something like Orla or Mona is really simple. Even Seana would be easy, just time consuming! Hit me up for advice if you need it 🙂

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