Bird In Borrowed Feathers Craft Market

Nottingham is a very crafty city and last weekend hosted Bird In Borrowed Feathers,  a craft market that ran from Friday through to Sunday with loads of great stalls and a variety of workshops that visitors could attend. I arranged to meet some friends for lunch beforehand and then go for a wander around the market. By sheer luck, I won £25 on the lottery the night before so that was my spending money for the day!

On arrival at the market I paid the princely sum of £1 which covered entry for the entire weekend – a bargain if you would be going on more than one day for workshops. Rather than giving visitors a ticket or a stamp, entry was marked with a handmade badge that you could choose from the variety of prints available. Such a lovely idea! This was mine, which I pinned to my handbag:

Entry Badge

As a co-organiser of Cake Eaters Anonymous and a devotee of all things delicious and baked, I loved these biscuit brooches:

Biscuit Brooches

This stall was selling tote bags that you could have personalised with anything you wanted from their collection of transfers. This one made me think of Eleanor of Knit Nottingham, who is known for her love of a good beard!

Real Men Have Great Beards - Tote Bag

These geometric necklaces appealed to my geek side:

Geometric Necklaces

This stall had a gorgeous collection of prints, most based on quotes from nursery rhymes:

Nursery Rhyme Prints

These badges and fridge magnets were hilarious! There were too many funny ones to photograph them all, but Steph, Natalie and I spent a good while at their stall rifling through and giggling.

Hilarious Badges

I loved the clever use of yarn in these necklaces and bracelets. I was very tempted by the lovely pendants, such a cute and innovative idea for jewellery!

Yarn Pendants Yarn Loop Jewellery

As a child of the 80s, I am genetically incapable of resisting anything Labyrinth-themed. I almost bought this brooch on the spot for Liana of Swirls Bakery as she is also well known for her Labyrinth love. There were various other quotes about books and from works of fiction in this collection.

Labyrinth Brooch

My crappy phone camera doesn’t do these justice at all. Made with copper foil pressed between glass, they look stunning and had a wonderful weight to them as well. We’re currently in the process of buying a house and if we had the purchase all wrapped up, I would have bought at least one of these for our new home! Until it’s built and we’ve actually completed on it, I’m restraining myself from buying any new homewares. I’ll definitely be back to this seller if I can, though!

Glass & Copper Foil Hanging Ingots

A great collection of funky brooch prints:

Funky Brooches

The lovely Amy of Amy Blackwell Art & Design and Audrey & Illya had a stall, but clearly the heat got to my brain as I completely forget to take a photo of her or her stall. We were clearly chatting too much, sorry Amy!

After two circuits of the market I was really struggling to choose between all the gorgeous things without busting  my budget or making any premature homeware purchases. In the end I decided on this lovely necklace of a little bird in a cage and vintage flowers hair grip from Oh Daisy.

Birdcage Necklace Vintage Flowers Hairgrip

Oh Daisy Tags

It was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon with friends, appreciating beautiful things and supporting local craft businesses. Have you enjoyed any good craft markets recently?


  • ohdaisyblog

    28 July 2014 at 10:15 Reply

    Thanks for the lovely comments, I’m so glad your enjoyed your purchases 🙂

    • Sarah

      28 July 2014 at 13:30 Reply

      My pleasure! I love them both and have worn them a few times already 🙂

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