Project – Hands Of Purple

Pattern: Hands Of Blue
Designer: Lucy Hague

Yarn: Rowan Alpaca Colour
Shade: Garnet (139)
Alpaca Colour 139

Ravelry: Hands Of Purple

Towards the end of last winter, I lost a lovely pair of leather gloves which left me without any nice gloves to use. I bought some cheap black synthetic ones to get me through to the end of the winter and decided to buy some nice ones for the next winter. During last year I realised that what I should obviously do was knit myself some nice gloves rather than buying them. I reviewed lots of patterns on Ravelry and got it down to a short list of two. Both patterns are gorgeous and I was completely unable to choose between the two, so I decided to make both! This pattern appealed to me not only because the design is visually stunning, but also because the name is a Firefly reference, so I was powerless to resist it.

Regular readers may recall that I was gifted a giant cloud of soft lovely Alpaca Colour by my colleagues when I left my job of 10 years back in October. I was also lucky enough to have a skein of this gorgeous yarn for review, which it turned out would be perfect to make Hands Of Blue. One skein wouldn’t quite be enough to make the full-fingered version but, being part way through my Harewood scarf, I was quite confident that I would have some yarn left over when I finished it. As such, I pinched a bit from the second skein I hadn’t started for the scarf yet, and off I went.

This pattern is really gorgeous, the combination of the twisted rib and the curved lines from the lace pattern produce a stunning result. Alpaca Colour has now taken the crown as my favourite super-soft yarn, it’s like wearing clouds on your hands! Sadly the slight fuzz to this yarn loses the stitch definition a little and my not-great photography skills mean you lose it a little more in the photo, but regardless I could not be more pleased with these gloves. They are so soft and warm and pretty, what more could a girl want? I’m especially pleased with the length of the gloves, as there’s nothing I hate more than a glove that skimps on length and leaves me with draughty wrists!

If you’re looking for a new pair of gloves, I couldn’t recommend this pattern enough. It even has fingerless, half-finger and full-finger variations so that you can match exactly to your style and warmth needs. I’m also fairly confident that you could get a fingerless pair out of just one skein of Alpaca Colour, so great value too!

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