Meeting the lovely Libby Summers

A few months ago, local designer Libby Summers wrote in to the blog to suggest a store for the LYS Spotlight and we’ve been chatting by email ever since. On Tuesday this week Libby was visiting Nottingham to run some errands and it was also my weekly knitting group in the evening, so I suggested that she come along to the group and say hello.

It was lovely to finally meet Libby in person and she was kind enough to bring samples of her yarns, knitting kits and some completed garments for us to see. After a very busy day at work my brain clearly wasn’t firing on all cylinders and I completely forgot to take any photos during the evening. Oops! But if you visit her website, you will be able to see some of the lovely things she has on offer.

I can particularly recommend:

  • Libby Summers Chunky yarn – The shades all have a beautiful sheen to them which the photos simply don’t do justice to, very very pretty! Find a local stockist if you can and go check it out in person.
  • Lima pattern collection – The texture in this pattern collection is delightful, the blanket in particular looks so snug!
  • Mini Cakes Collection knitting kit – This knitting kit is so beautifully presented that it would make the perfect gift for any knitter. As well as lovely yarn, it contains a booklet with 5 patterns in it and all the accoutrements you would need to make them (buttons, belt buckle, etc). Although there isn’t enough yarn in the box to make all 5 patterns, you can make at least 2 of them with the kit alone and you can always top up your yarn if you wanted to make them all!

Chunky YarnMini Cupcake CollectionLima Blanket

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